Your Board of Directors
June 21, 2019

Each Director serves for a three-year term but may run for re-election for up to four terms. Any active member of the Co-op who is in good standing, and meets the eligibility requirements outlined in the Rules of Association, may run for office. The nomination and election process occurs each year in conjunction with the Co-op’s Annual General Meeting. Unlike a corporation, voting rights are based on membership, not shares.

James Bowen - President
Chair, Executive Committee; ex-Officio all Committees

Patrick Barbosa — 1st Vice President
Chair, Audit & Finance Committee

Barb Peters — 2nd Vice President
Chair, Funds Allocation Committee

Avery Bonner — Director

Elinor Martin-Law — Director
Chair, Member Relations Committee

Melissa Lacroix — Director

Stu Seifert — Director
Chair, Capital Assets Committee

Iris Taylor — Director
Chair, Governance Committee

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