Equity Cheques 2024
May 27, 2024

Our profits are your profits. (Really—check your mail!) 

The Board of Directors of Mid Island Consumer Services Co-operative is pleased to inform you of the continuing strong performance of your Co-op in 2023. The Co-op had exceptional financial results with Sales of $280,993,680 and Net Earnings of $11,891,481 after taxes.

The Board has approved the following patronage allocation percentages for fiscal year 2023:

• Petroleum Products: 4% (Retail Pumps & Cardlock)
• Home Heating: 4%
• Confectionery: 3% (Grocery)
• Liquor: 3%

This total allocation to our membership will be $6,783,891. Approximately 43,000 cheques have been issued, totaling $5,098,585 in cashback to our members. This represents 55% of your 2023 allocation in cash, with the remaining 45% credited to growing your member/owner share equity.

We would like to thank each of you for your continued support as a member/owner of your Co-op.