November Pick of the Month
November 1, 2023

Every month, one Team Member from Mid Island Co-op will choose their favorite item from their location to showcase to our members and customers! The Pick of the Month is available at all Mid Island Co-op locations.

From the first smell of coffee brewing in the morning to the last sip with dessert, we know that a good cup of coffee is an important part of your day. Treat yourself to a premium cup of coffee from Mid Island Co-op for only 99 cents this month, any size.

Co-operative Coffee is exceptional coffee from around the world, with 10 varieties from Central America, South America, Africa and Asia ranging from light roasts to dark. From beans to brewing, Co-operative Coffee delivers premium beans from sustainable sources to create the perfect cup for you.

Made in co-operation

Our coffee isn’t co-operative in name only. It's a collaboration between Co-op, our B.C.-based master roaster who perfects the blends and our suppliers from around the world. Working together, we’re providing the beans for you to make a quality cup in your home.

Co-op believes in co-operation amongst co-operatives. Our Peruvian organic and fair trade coffees are sourced from the Monte Verde Café Association, a co-operative of about 800 small farms deep in the Amazon, in the Rodriguez de Mendoza province. This co-operative helps farmers improve the quality of the coffee through specialized training on growing and harvesting processes.

Co-operative Coffee flavour line-up includes:

Breakfast Blend: Lightly roasted with low acidity and notes of caramel.
Columbia Blend: Caramel and apricot aromas, rich wine-like flavour with moderate acidity. It's also available in decaf.
French Roast: Heavy-bodied and bold in flavour, with smoky aroma and rich taste. It's also available in decaf.
Espresso Blend: Fine Arabica coffees with balanced sweet flavour and ultra-smooth finish.
Ethiopia: Fragrant notes of citrus and fresh fruit using Yirgacheffe and natural Sidamo beans.
Sumatra: Earthy nuances of fresh herbs and cloves create unique flavour profile with mild acidity.
Costa Rica: Roasted malt and smoky aromas with notes of dark chocolate and nuts.
Peru: Smoky aroma with dark chocolate and crisp sweetness using fair trade and organic beans.
Nicaragua: Herbal fragrances and subtle hints of honey and caramel using fair trade and organic beans.

However you enjoy your daily cup of joe, there's a Co-operative Coffee for everybody.